Email Encryption for Business/Contracter/Client Relationships

Many businesses have no simple means to ensure that email and web-site message traffic between the business and service providers/retail clients is both encrypted and reliably authenticated.

Consequently it seems to me that the first service provider who can provide a relatively simple three way service between businesses, remote parties and a central authentication provider for common email and messaging services could create a dominant business.

While I’m not familiar with the technical requirements I could see two basic streams of service:

1st - email between business and its service providers, contracters and retail clients, and
2nd - web based messaging service between businesses, service providers, etc.

In the second case, a retail/remote user should be able to enter a secure message within an htps session, provide their email address, receive an authenticated and encrypted message from the business, and then be able to authenticate the message.

Ideally, the retail/remote user should then be able to send an encrypted/authenticated email back to the business through their personal email client.

Overall it looks to me like such a service would require server side software for the business to interface with their client facing web applications and corporate email system, a central authentication server at Commodo, and an email client add-on for the remote/retail users.

Simply put, a sun, the moon and the stars solution to a significant business control concern 8)