email client

Why not to add to CD email client - like Opera has? It’s very convenient when browser has such an option.

Hi Solarlynx. I personally prefer seperate e-mail software or at least optional during install if bundled with Browser. Kind regards.

Hi, Captainsticks. Sure it must be an option with or without email client.

Don’t know if adding a poll would be of any help? Your choice of course.

Thank you for idea! :slight_smile:

I’m with Captainsticks. I prefer a separate email client. I would prefer to have a browser that isn’t bloated by something I will never use.

When it’s not being used it won’t interfere with performance. That’s basically what you would read at the Opera forums when talking about the same topic. :wink: :smiley:

I’m not talking about performance, I’m talking about the size of the installer. Chromium variants are big enough already.

It would be good to have different installers one with one without, but I guess this would create a lot of work.

Good idea! Installers with and without email client.

Yes, I would like to see an email client embedded with CD. The same goes for a chat client and other web based services. I would like to see CD handle as much web based content as possible.


To but stay with the Opera analogy. The mail client is surprisingly small in its codebase.

Is it possible for most popular desired features to go like extensions in Firefox? If you want to install - you choose them, if don’t want - just do nothing.