Email certificate location for Thunderbird

I have applied for and got an email certificate.
However when I follow the instructions for Thunderbird I am unable to locate and apply the certificate.
The location of the certificate doesn’t appear to be stated in the guide.
I think it’s in the Windows Certificate Store but more than that who knows?

Some expansion of the instructions for this part would be helpful.
Other people seem to have the same problem but their requests for help appear to of be unanswered.

Anyone able to help?


it’s probably in your Windows certificates. You must first export it from there and then import it in Thunderbird.

So, type MMC , then click on file >>> add/remove snap in

in the left pane, highlight certificates and click on add
leave the default “my user account” in the pop up, and click finish
click ok

Now under console root, expand the certificates current user, personal, certificates. You will see your Comodo certificate in the right pane. Click on all tasks and export. Follow the wizard, include private key, check export all extended properties and just that.

Click next and type a password to protect your file. Next and browse to a location convenient for you. Give a name to the backup, click next and finish. You certificate is now saved.

Now go to thunderbird: options/advanced/certificates/view certificates/ your certificates/import

browse to the place where you saved the one you exported from Windows, enter the password, you’re done :wink:

edit: forgot something ;D >>> then go to your email account settings in Thunderbird, and associate this certificate to your account, that’s in the security tab. Select it in both “digital signing” and “encryption”.

Your first stop for this very questions should have been the support portal. (Although it seems nearly everyone misses it). It’s a valuable tool and has pretty much all the right answers to our digital certificate products.

There’s one of two places on a Windows computer it would be. One is the Windows Certificate Store and the Other is the Mozilla Certificate Store. If you used IE, it is in the Windows Certificate store, it is in there. Likewise if you used Firefox/SeaMonkey, it is in the respective store.

Based on your email address and it being in the system, it appears you applied and collected your certificate via Firefox. So all you need to do now is get it out of Firefox and into Thunderbird.

E-mail Certificates: Firefox / Thunderbird

I know this method works because I co-wrote it. If there’s a mistake or something is unclear then please let us know.

yeah the OP mentioned windows’ store so I thought he imported it from IE, but okay, it’s faster to export if he got it first in Firefox…

so go to the advanced options in FF, your certificates, and export it from there, then re-import it in Thunderbird using the method I described previously.

I know this method works because I co-wrote it

you mean you co-described it ;D

[at] the OP: these two methods (from Windows store or Firefox) are the only methods, and universally used to import personal certs in Thunderbird, whether your cert was issued by Comodo or anyone else.

No, I co-wrote the article. I used the wrong word whereby I should have used ‘article’ vs. that of ‘method’.

agreed :wink: … and that’s also what I meant.