Email Cert + PGP Signing... Good idea or redundant?

Hey guys, a buddy of mine said I could get a free email cert from Comodo. Here I am. After pondering, I now am uncertain if this is the route to go. For my email, I already use pgp encryption. My mail is signed always, and depending on the recipient, encrypted with my Keys as well. So my question: Is it redundant, incompatible, if I install this email cert, since I use pgp already? Which signs my emails and also encrypts it? Terribly sorry about the lack of knowledge, I am a bit new to it all.


(PS. Love Comodo, recommend all of my clients to it, and use it to protect my young daughters computer as well as mine. The work you do is unparalleled by anyone in the world)

First you need to know, that there are two ways for PGP: PGP/MIME and inline PGP. Inline PGP means a simple text mail containing the PGP message, attachments are neither signed nor encrypted and need to be handled separately while PGP/MIME handles the whole mail including attachments.
PGP/MIME can not be combined with S/MIME, while it’s technically possible to encrypt and sign an inline PGP message with S/MIME.

Combining these two systems for encrypting one mail is redundant. (And you need your contact’s certificate and public key in order to do so…)

Adding a PGP signature as well as a S/MIME signature brings the advantage, that your contact has the possibility to choose which signature to verify. Many clients bring support for S/MIME without the need of additional plugins.

Ah ok, great thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: