Email Alerts Failing


Im trying to get Email notifications to work but they keep failing with error code 53.

I know all of the settings i am inputting are correct!

I read a post on here about exporting to a script and then opening it in a text editor which i did and can see what the problem is:

Here is my content (actual email settings changed for security!)

/backup_operation /type filesandfolders /source “C:\Users\user.workgroup\Desktop\test photo" /compressionlevel low /destinationtype destinationtypediskfile /destinationpath “C:\Users\user.workgroup\My Backups\test photo_full_files.cbu” /backup_type full /emailnotification /onsuccess /onfailure /smtpserver /port 25 /subject Backup Email /sender user[at] /recipient user1[at] /emailusername “xxx.user” /emailpassword “xxxxxxxx” /emailsecurity NONE” /diskusage high /processorusage normal

So i can see that the following entries dont look right as they are missing the last letters:

/sender user[at]
/recipient user1[at]
/emailusername “xxx.user” - does miss last letter from actual user name
/emailpassword “xxxxxxxx” - does miss last letter from actual password

Also this one is missing the proceeding "

/emailsecurity NONE"

SO i have tried adding the missing letters in and added the proceeding " before NONE, save the script and run it but then it errors with code 146.

Runnin the latest version on Windows Ultimate 7 32bit

Can somebody please help me?



I have this issue also, was it already fixed? Why Comodo backup removes the last letters???

Best Regards,

The issue will be fixed with next release.