email alert settings

what’s the point of the email alert settings: you can enter a server address, a port, and the address itself which obviously means that CMF will be able to send alerts from the entered address, using the SMTP protocol, but sorry, hmmm…or did I miss something??? where is the place to enter the password??? and last but not least, where is the place to tell CMF the recipient of the alert???

or is CMF able to launch the default email client and send the mail automatically from it? in that case why would it need to know the port and the server??? and even in that case it would need the recipient address wouldn’t it? Also if the address entered in CMF was the recipient, what’s the need of entering the port and the server??? But that’s not the recipient you got to enter in CMF (:KWL), that’s the sender…something’s missing (:LGH) and I don’t suppose the would be any prompt to enter a password if there was an alert, as this is supposed to be an automated alert when one is away from the PC, having a drink on a beach somewhere, and suddenly getting an incoming mail from CMF on a brand new IPhone (:WIN) “Sorry baby, I gotta leave, I got a buffer overflow”

or is the feature not fully implemented yet?