Email Advertising

Hi Guys

Just received an email from a customer and at the bottom of the page it had this banner with the Avast Logo.

This email is free from viruses and malware because avast! Antivirus protection is active.

I thought this was a good idea for free advertising.

Please let me know if it is something worth looking into.

Sven :-TU

I have noticed the same thing. This would help to spread the word about Comodo and tell users that the email they received is safe. You should add a poll to see if other users think this is a good idea. :slight_smile:

Note: I would vote yes.

This seems dangerous to me, the banner would tell the receiver that the e-mail is safe, but what stops an attacker from using the banner and attaching a malware to the e-mail? Could be a way for attackers to fool their victims into believing that the e-mail is safe while it’s not, and I’d imagine this would give bad publicity for the security vendor.

Perhaps something where if you click the banner it will take you to a Comodo page where it does some kind of cryptomagic and determines if the e-mail was signed by real Comodo of if the banner was added by a third party… I don’t know if that works though, does e-mails have a hash value? Perhaps the CIS on the senders computer first scans the e-mail and if found safe then adds the banner that links to a random comodo url and then CIS calculates the hash of the finished e-mail and then CIS sends the hash to the Comodo servers (the URL that the banner links to) and then sends the e-mail … Now when the receiver gets the e-mail he can click the banner and he gets to the Comodo page which shows the hash of the e-mail, now the tricky part is, how is the receiver going to calculate the hash of the e-mail he or she just got if he or she doesn’t use CIS? ??? Uhh… The above was just me thinking out loud… Don’t think that is really possible to a hundred percent because e-mail headers change etc and the trick of actually getting the hash… I guess you could simply only calculate the hash of the body and attachment…? Sorry just thinking out loud again. ;D

Either way I believe that if these banners become a way for users to determine whether they trust an e-mail or not then I would bet (if I had any money…) that attackers would abuse this and I’m certain a lot of people would fall for the scams/attacks because of that.

Because of the above I suggest Comodo find a proper solution and don’t just add a banner that does next to nothing other than give the receiver a false sense of security. Or I’m just paranoid… shrugs

Please note to place a banner on the email it needs to be scanned :slight_smile:

Do you really want another process, for the little that is gained by this.