Email Address > 32 Chars

Please expand the email address length restriction. It’s bad enough that some of us deal with long email addresses on a daily basis, but having to create or sign up for a shorter email address just to try out EasyVPN takes it to a new level. I was surprised by this since other Comodo products do not appear to have this issue.

Please put your suggestion in the Wishlist.

Done. Thanks, I didn’t even notice the wish list area.

Before I start a new topic or anything, I have had some odd crashes of EasyVPN in WinXP when closing the Chat or Remote Desktop from a Win 7 client. Does someone want to look at the error reports, any where special to send those?

Hi NotJimB:

  Please upgrade to last released EasyVPN, I think all your bugs are fixed in this version, If you still has problems on this version, please append your bugs in this topic.