Elite Keylogger

Well Comodo has the Potential to be the best out there HOWEVER it fails dismally with Elite Keylogger
by ****** a Russian Company (note:link removed by moderator)

This keylogger evades Comodo plus naturally Comodo plus comodo cannot remove it or quarantine
Wake Up Comodo the Recession will Not last for ever besides this product was recommended to me word of mouth too.



P.S Let me know when you fix this problem and don’t say your working on it as a matter of Courtesy.

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whats up with all the topic splitting?
It gets me confused. :frowning:

Anyway a fresh install of windows should do the trick! (kidding). (:WIN)
Whats your setup SamanthaBewley ? D+ set to? does it monitor keyboard? (you got to set that manually)

Samantha’s post was way off topic in the thread it was originally posted in. In such cases we usually split, if there’s a chance that the post will be followed by other posts.

Kaspersky and a few others believe it’s not-a-virus and like EICAR to test AV’s… So there is no rush.


err, i clicked the link yesterday before i remove it 88)
yeah, the webpage looks like a “normal” software download page. it says keylogger, aside from moral issue, is legal ???

err, if it’s legal/non-malware? ??? can someone remove it?


Courtesy is a two way street. :wink: