electric sheep screen saver allowed to access internet

everytime electric sheep trys to access the internet, i get a popup window from comodo asking if it should be allowed. however after i move the mouse to allow it, electric sheep screen saver stops running and the comodo window closes. i don’t know how to get this to stop. help please.


Sometimes, software who wanted Internet right stops to work even you allow if you delay for clicking on allow button. Select “remember my answer for this application” while allowing and run the software again.


Make sure you have the program up-to-date as the following link details an exploit for the program.


If you mean that it freezes such that you cannot get to the pop-up box then do the following, otherwise do what aXes recommended.

(I am looking at the manual for the firewall)

In Comodo, go to the Application Monitor, if you do not see the program in the list then click the “Add” button and browse to the programs executable file,

(I am not sure about the parent check, but for now you might want to just skip that check to see if it works without it for now and then enable it later)