Eject External Hardware Crashes Computer


I am a new member and have been using CFP v2.4 and BOClean v4.25 for about a year.

Whenever I use the ‘eject hardware’ icon to disconnect my external hardrive, it proceeds normally until it says it is OK to stop the device. When I turn off the hardrive, the computer crashed, wrote something to a log and when I rebooted, the Username is the same in the Login-window but half the icons on the Desktop are missing after it boots.

When I looked at the directory structure using windows explorer, I could see that another user had been created - user.computer name - the new user name is the same as my original user name but has the “.computername” extension.

I have been unable to get back to my original user name.

I have logged on as Administrator and deleted the new ‘user.computername’ and when I reboot under my original name the computer creates the new user.computername again.

How can I correct this?

My system is:
Dell Inspiron 8000
Windows 2000 SP4 with all Updates
Office 2000
CFP 2.4
BOC 4.5
NOD 32

Thanks in advance for help.