Either new update, or proactive setting is ignoring white lists.

When the latest Cloud update went live, my cpu went through the roof and in trying to track it down I tried changing settings.

I turned off Cloud scanning or whatever and got the cpu to cool down.

Now, nearly every program is asking for permission even when I allow, or list as an allowed application, or windows application, or installer/updater, or I go to blocked lists and remove them, or go to the files list and change them to “trusted”. By choosing allow, “remember my answer” is always ticked, yet it forgets my decision, daily.

So either the default of this update is paranoid mode, or I changed something.

Under configuration, I clicked proactive security. It is now active and tells me I can’t remove an active configuration. There is no deactivate function that I can see.

Look, I have had comodo for maybe 10 years or more. I can’t remember the last time I had a virus. In the last five years, I had about 3 popups asking me to remove something, but never had a virus found in a scan. I’ve had a couple of PUPs from Malmarebytes, but nothing else.

The software is great, let’s not change things just for the sake of changing them, please. The point of keeping viruses out is that it slows down our computer. You’re defeating the purpose by making me wait 5 minutes to click daily to allow the same programs to start every day.

Just switch back to whatever profile you had on before activating proactive if you don’t like it, that’s why you’re getting more popups, or customize your proactive profile, make use of the trusted files list, etc.

…as I said,

"Under configuration, I clicked proactive security. It is now active and tells me I can’t remove an active configuration. There is no deactivate function that I can see. "

You can’t delete the Profile that is active. Switch to another Profile, that is active, then delete the Inactive one you don’t want

I’d ask the obvious, What other profile?"

But I’ll make it very simple.

I have never created a “profile”.

I see no tabs regarding profiles.

It is also quite obvious that if I knew how to “change profiles”, I wouldn’t be here asking how to fix this, would I?

Sorry - my mistake. Should have said Configuration, not Profile. Just activate another Configuration and then delete the Configuration you don’t want

I have four options, Import, Export, Activate or Remove. Right clicking on the field gives me the same four options.

Import, I have nothing to import because, as I said, I have never created a configuration, so I have no second configuration to import.

Export, Activate and Remove all are non-applicable.

I think that somehow your installation has become corrupted. I would suggest using the Comodo Uninstaller and do a clean install, choose the Proactive Configuration and start again. If everything works out, make sure you export that Configuration and save it under a different name when you are happy with it. It can always then be imported if you change something and want to start again

The uninstaller is here: Comodo Forum

You mean activate either Internet Security or Firewall security?

How do I know which was my prior configuration?

What is the difference between the two?

Clean install . . Proactive Configuration . . set it up as you go . . export it when you are happy with under a different name (such as xxx Proactive with the date appended) in a different folder, then if something goes wrong, you can then import a Configuration from a date when you know everything worked as intended

For a detailed description of the difference, click on the question mark on the top right of the Configuration windows

Are you recommending a re-install because, with proactive, it should be remembering my choices and not asking permission daily for the same programs I whitelisted the day before?

You are right, the misunderstanding was the profile/configuration confusion.

I have to say though, the interface is very unintuitive. At a glance, it looks more like a list that three separate choices. I believe this is why I didn’t view it as such. I assumed Internet and Firewall configurations where separate configs running simultaneously, not exclusive of each other. I thought activating Proactive was simply a separate function along with the others.

Since I have never run the firewall alone, I’m assuming Internet Security was my previous config.

I will be using that for now. Let me know about the first question and I’ll decide about proactive. Between my browser extensions, Comodo and Malwarebytes, I have never had a virus problem and I hit some sketchy webpages often. The only programs that I’ve been alerted to are ones I’ve installed by choice, not by some back door.

Thanks for the help.

Yes - the default Proactive Configuration is probably the easiest / safest with very few popups and questions. When activated and you find it is still querying whitelisted files, then something has become corrupted - unless you have unchecked some of the settings in File Rating regarding Trusted Vendors and Installers as shown

Otherwise, I would suggest a clean install . . . and no problem with the help

I believe the default from install is Internet Security. There is no deactivate button because you can’t have ‘none’ configuration policy.

All you do is activate the one you want. You can do what you want with the others. You can’t deactivate anything . . . there is no need to