eicar test

i installed today comodo internet security (firewall+antivirus) last version
i tried the simple eicar test to see how my new antivirus works
sees eicar and immediatly stops it
however when eicar is in zip archive it doesn’t see it
i tested the eicar archive in my hd and only then found eicar
please check if comodo scans the archives when they are downloaded

This is normal behavior. CIS doesn’t scan packed files with the RealTime scanner. Manual scan has the ability to scan archives. Also, if you unpack the file, CAV would catch the file before it hits your HDD.

is it possible to add this feature to the scanner in a future release perhaps?

I’m sure it’s possible…just waiting for a particular “wish” to show up is what’s annoying. There is a long list of proposed improvement requests, feel free to make your own:

There is no reason for it to do this. As soon as the archive is accessed, it will be scanned by the real-time scanner.