eicar test not detected by 3.9v507


no other residents running.

cis does not pick up eicar nor on stateful or full on access or on demand.

any advise, tks

brgds mack

so if you right click and save this http://www.eicar.org/download/eicar.com.txt you get nothing? I get this popup:

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Hello languy99,

that is correct. txt not .com version.

ANd also not the already on hard disk saved version of eicar…

brgds mack

that is just weird, did you do a clean install and did you import your settings? Check two places for me, go into the av tab, click av settings and go to the exclusions tab. What is listed there? Next go to D+ and common settings on the left. Go to the bottom and click on, my own safe files, what is listed there?

Both the .com and .txt file are caught by the real time scanner here.

Hello languy99,

in AV settings excluded are: recycle bin and c/prog files/comodo internet security…

in D+ own safe files: none (empty)

I did not import any old settings. Just clean install (and no previous CIS present as i reformatted hard disk) and then switched from Internet security level to Proactive security level…

bgrds mack

man that is just totally weird, the only thing I can say is try a fresh install. just for my own curiosity, you do have av turned on right? ;D

yes i have (on access method). Double checked as would indeed be hilarious. But although eicar is not spotted, another one was (some leaktest application i had on harddisk), but eicar still isn’t …

brgds mack

Why do make a new topic of this. “https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis/eicar_not_detected_in_39-t39240.15.html

CIS 3.9.81003.508 detected eicar-file on my pc.


^^ ^^ :slight_smile: