Eicar Test File, not working real time protection scan in Firefox

Hi guys, I like to test frequently how the real time scanner proteccion is. I am a windows 8 user and everytime that I download the eicar test file with the latest version of firefox, the antivirus des not stop to download. It is not even detected! The real time protection works fine with google chrome, it is automatically detected , but no with firefox. Probably this is a bug.

I’m having the same problem with CIS v6 with firefox on Windows 8.

In comparaison, CIS v5 blocks every time within seconds all EICAR files access through http and https on windows 7

CIS v6 only detects the eicar.com.txt file. All other EICAR files are not dectected on Windows 8

** EDIT: It’s a Windows 8 issue. I ran CIS v6 on windows 7 and all the EICAR files accessed under http and https are immediately detected.

A bug report should be file for the CIS v6 real-time scan malfunction under Windows 8

** EDIT 2: I just filed the bug report at: https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis/cis-realtime-scan-malfunctionning-in-windows-8-v6-t94420.0.html;msg680080#msg680080