Eicar test Failed

Hello everyone, I am new here.

Today, I’ve decided to give Comodo Antivirus a try. The interface looks as great and easy as Comodo Firewall. But sadly, the antivirus didn’t pass on the eicar test. The file could be downloaded with no problem and the On-Access scanner didn’t block it. How can I solve this?

ThankYou (sorry for my poor english :D)

This is a known issue, as cavs progresses its virus database will grow, protection is not currently the focus of development however. Prevention is with the addition of hips and the safe list.

What version of CAVS are you running?

Attached screenshot show on access scanner detecting eicar.com during the download.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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I am using the last beta version (2.0)
Maybe, it can be a conflict with my default antivirus system. (Avira Antivir PE), because I did not uninstall it when I was testing Comodo Antivirus. I just shut all services of Avira down, before running the Eicar test.
I use Firefox

Thank you so much for your help!!!


With internet explorer I get the same alert as Ewen right after trying to download the test file.
But with Firefox I can even save it to my hard disk w/o alerting CAVS. Also using the latest beta. Strange. Does this mean that CAVS doesn’t monitor firefox? If this is the case, then what would have happened if it was a real virus? I could even run it, w/o alerting the on-access scanner. Only the HIPS caught it :slight_smile: Nice feature, I like it. (installed CAVS today, runs smoothly so far)
So my question is: at this stage am I safer using ie to surf the net?
And if I can help in anything making CAVS better let me know :slight_smile: