Eicar test and outlook

Hi Guys, I tried CIS last night and there where no problems with the install. I do have a couple of concerns-

  1. I went to the eicar test site and tried all 4 tests. the only one that passed was the first one. I would like to see CIS respond the same as NOD32 or Avast where they actually abort the connection to the site.

  2. I tried using Outlook 2003 and all went well but there were no tags in the body of the email saying that it had been scanned. AVG, AVast and NOD32 plus others do this. It gives me a bit more security knowing that my customers can see that is has been scanned and gives me the security that any incoming emails have also been scanned.

Can you let me know when these 2 issues will be attended to. At the moment I will have to stay with AVG and CPF 3. Apart from these 2 issues the product is great.

shadha :Beer

1). You need to extract the other tests, then run them and CIS will catch them.

2). CIS Scans every action on the Hard Drive & Memory, EVERYTIHNG is scanned on-access, and fast. So yes, CIS Scans E-mail, WHEN you open an infected attachment, CIS will catch it. This solves resource issues and makes the Suite “lighter” (Check out the memory consumption for CIS) without the extra “burden”

All in all - Heuristics are too be added, engine “enhancements” are to come, and features as well, It’s only the beginning so it will only get better!