EICAR Question

Hi all,
i have noticed , testing the free IS of comodo, that eicar files (all eicar files com - txt - zip - 2zip) are not blocked before to download them. Are only blocked when are on my pc’s HD.

My question is:
It is a my problem or is it a normal dectecting roval strategy?

The CIS Pro , work at the same method?

Please let me know, thanks.

Hi Joice,

Welcome to the forums!

Yes this is normal, it’s Comodo’s strategy that malware can only live on two places on a computer that’s 1) Memory and 2) on disk, so they see no need to use all kinds of ‘extra’ plugins etc to filter mail/web/im specific.

They catch it at the point where it becomes dangerous…

Pro version is the same product, there are only ‘value added services’ around CIS that make it “Pro” like Geekbuddy to help you out with any computer problem you have etc.