EICAR not detected in 3.9

Hi guys,

I just updated to version 3.9 and tried running the EICAR test. I’m running vista x64 and EICAR does not show up on both realtime and on-demand scans.


it did on my 3.9

it did on my PC too

heres a screenshot

[attachment deleted by admin]

That is weird.

Do you have realtime on or off?

everything is on, and there are no exclusions other than for the recycling bin and system volume information. Everything else is on default settings.

Do you have any other security applications installed? also try the diagnostics

i will get a message off to Egemen and see what he says

EICAR is detected here on downloading/saving the .com file and when unzipping the .zip file.

It’s also detected here…

hi, did clean install of 3.9 v 507, offline, no av update done yet, and also here eicar.com is not detected on access nor on demand. Not on stateful nor full…

any help please.

no other resident progs other then sandboxie 3.36 last version

brgds mack

How do you want the EICAR test to be detected if you haven’t updated the AV…

Hello Lasse88,

does CIS3.9 installation file not include virus database? Don’t tell me Eicar test is a signature that has been added yesterday?


The install file comes with virus definitions. How could it scan your system initially if this were not the case? EICAR should be detected as it is in the current definitions list.

That’s what i thaught as well… by the way i am running xp sp3 32, not vista 64 like pedror999,

brgds mack

Well I’m not sure as Comodo tries to update before the scan starts (atleast for me).

had turned the úpdate before scan’ options all off. To prevent too frequent updates (yes sounds bizarre i know, but on dial up).

Not as far i know…

Of all the people who have the eicar test found who is on 32 bits and who on 64 bits Windows? Can you also state what Windows version you are using? Like Xp, Vista or Win 7? That may make things easier to identify.

Win XP Pro SP2 32bit.

Eicar detected.