EICAR file undetected

CIS 8.0 can’t detect the EICAR file ( http://www.eicar.org/86-0-Intended-use.html ).

The strange thing is that VirusTotal says that it is detected by COMODO, but on my PC (clean profile, just uninstalled CIS 7.0 and reinstalled CIS 8.0) it can’t be detected.

VirusTotal link: VirusTotal

Hello ekerazha,

This file is detected by CIS with DB 20153. Please make sure the option “Detect potentially unwanted application” is checked in your scan options.

Best regards,

Ok, the option “Detect potentially unwanted application” is disabled by default, I enabled it and the real-time protection detects the file now, but the manual scanning still doesn’t detect it. However it’s definitely not an av signatures issue, maybe a CIS 8.0 bug.

I opened another thread here: https://forums.comodo.com/antivirus-help-cis/potentially-unwanted-applications-detection-bug-t108093.0.html