Effectiveness of other hips and real time guards alongside defense+.

:comodo110: :comodosavedmylife: I have like others, experimented with using other hips programs Geswall, Drive sentry, and others and i can honestly say that every, and i mean every time a malware shows up, then invariably either the Comodo firewall, Av or defense + picks up the malware before the other app regardless of which app was installed first.The purpose of using another app as other members say they do is “layered” protection.If you disable the av or defense + and download a malware then the other app kicks in and blocks it. So the conclusion i have come up with is if you want to use another hips type app, then i cant see the point personally, as Cis covers all the angles, and seems to beat the other app to the malware, and it does not show up with the other app after being caught by Cis, which supresses the other app i think. The only way i think its possible and not a waste of time would be with behavior blockers such as prevx edge and threatfire where these apps work differently and may on occasion pick up on something before Cis, and effective as these other apps are, particulary Prevx, Cis is free and stops everything i have thrown at it and i mean the nastiest rogues and trojans out there. So bow down other apps/ vendors to Cis and accept that they have the best balance of prevention, and detection out there!!, and its about to get better or so i am led to beleive, via new heuristics, Boclean, and other general internal improvements along with i am sure a few bug fixes that seem to be annoying other members but i cant say i have personally noticed any.

Dave1234…A very happy Comodo Camper.

I am usinc CIS with all programs except for the email and encryption…
As for the other HIPS programs, I am using GesWall free and it really does it job, so I keep it.
Comodo and GesWall really do work together, and I also use Firefox. Set everything to max, and inspecting every process before it’s launched. With that, I also have Malwarebytes FileAssasin and AntiMalware.
As for DriveSentry and DefenseWall, those kept crashing so there was no use with them.
With this config, I feel safe and sound… :ilovecomodo:

I am using Zemana AntiLogger with CIS. AntiLogger is light on resources and a bit faster at responding than CIS. It also catches a some things that CIS D+ missed and adds an extra layer of protection.

Hi guys,

I use CIS and no other real time AV or HIPS. I do have Malwarebytes and A2 for on demand scanning on a monthly basis.

I have to say that I keep a 7GB+ collection of malware on my production laptop and I havent had any problems at all. I block the folder using D+ and unblok it when I need to use a malware.

I know what you are thinking…yes I had double clicked on a sample on accident. The results?? D+ always stop it as I have it set up to proactive security safe mode level, so when I see the popup of Explorer.exe trying to launch load(3).exe I scream for a while, then I take a deep breath and keep going on. hahaha

Kudos to COMODO development team and their CEO. Also, Thanks to the community, for you are doing an excellent job supporting the CIS project.