Editing the Trusted Vendors List in Comodo Firewall v10

I would like to edit the TVL but I noticed that the method used to remove listings in v8 has changed in v10.

In other words, if I click the ALL box, and then search, and uncheck the ones I want to keep, the ALL box automatically unchecks itself, so I cannot just press Remove, and what I wanted, remains.

Is this by design or is there a correct way to do this? Thanks.

In previous version(s), if I remember correctly, “All” checkbox auto-enabled if vendor was not found. This is fixed in v10 & that’s why it’s disabled now when vendor is not found in the list.
I see no reason for “Remove” button to not work since items were actually selected. I’ll report it as minor issue. Thanks.

// bug 2282

Do note that selected items are kept anyway and this issue is not limited to TVL. As explained above, checkbox gets disabled if vendor is not found as it makes no sense (without user interaction).

After some discussion, it seems like this behavior is intended. If no entry is displayed then buttons like “Remove” should not work.