Editing Rules

I didn’t find any topic with such “wish”, so I posted a new one.

When I edit rules for application, I have an option to “copy” rules from other app or predefined. But when I choose this option, copied rules REPLACE by themselves all other allredy created rules for this application. I think it’s better to ADD rules when “copying” from other.

For example: many my applications should be granted to do DNS request. So it’s logicaly to create predefined rule “Allow DNS Request” and do “copy from” this rule to applications by ADDING this Rule to already created (may be created by SafeMode).

I agree with this wish. Rules must be added, not replaced.

I totally agree with this wish. The copy button can even be replaced by ADD (to copy from other application rules) & REPLACE (to replace all rules, just as it is now) buttons.