Editing backup parameters

I’m trying to set up v. 2.0.108800.9, having used v. 104337 for a while. I set up my backup configuration, which are very complex, but I made an error in choosing folders. The only"edit" I see is to edit the schedule. In the previous version, you could edit the config. Am I might be missing something?

Also i ran the first backup yesterday, while WATCHING, and the History shows nothing.


In version 2.0 only the schedule is editable.
In the next version all steps will be editable.

Can you reproduce this issue?

Thank you

I just did it again with a different config. The dates and times under History are all zeroes.

Also–I’m still using v.1 until I get v.2 set up properly. I just realized that CB was copying every file over again at each backup. In the Modes, is Synchronization the same as incremental? Do you have to run the program resident to activate that mode? I’ve been running mine once a week in Task Scheduler.

And Ii don’t see the 4 modes in v.2. Are all the files copied again by default?

Are you using synchronization with ‘simple copy’?
Incremental backups are not available yet.
What do you mean by 4 modes?

Actually there are 5 listed:

Simple copy
Simple move
Copy with delete other than source files
Move with deleting other than source files

Only simple copy and synchronization are available for CB 2.0

I don’t understand Synchronization. Is it the same as incremental backup?

Incremental backups are not available yet.
Synchronization (as it is in 2.0) re-preforms the entire backup every ‘X’ minutes.

Thank you