Editing a large Network Security Policy

I have about 200 rules in Network Security Policy ??? This is because I have a Custom All Applications rule Block IP In and Ask IP Out last but I also want to allow and block each application.

It would be nice if one could say click Application name or Treat as to sort the entries. Currently clicking Application name collapses the entry tree. Alternatively it would be nice to have a search function. Currently it takes ages for me to find a particular application from my list :stuck_out_tongue:

For clarity I endeavour to first list allowed system apps, then other allowed apps, then blocked apps and last is the All apps rule.

Unfortunately, if I accept a new app it is added as the first one and if I blocked it, I need to push Move Down rather many times to bring it to the last section of my list.

Otherwise I rather like the NSP function.

Hi Joukahainen,

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There are a few wishes in there that go way back, we hope that CIS v6 has a lot of those requested features that where requested in the past…

It’s not a real search function but you can click on ‘Application’ and type CTRL+F and then type the path… isn’t not super, but at least something.

I fan the whole sort / search etc wish! I too have a long list of apps in my network security policy. Meanwhile, thanks for the CTRL-F tip… but it doesn’t do anything. I hit CTRL-F, type a valid path into the search box. It even autocompletes existing paths you can choose, but hitting return does nothing.

So what on earth is the search box for if it doesn’t do anything? Is mine not working? Or is there a secret to actually executing the search query?

Thank you somebody for your help!

Select it with the mouse, and press ENTER it should jump to the correct rule…