Edge browser won't run fully virtualised in CIS 10

Forgive me if this has been reported elsewhere but I can’t find a reference and I don’t (yet) want to report it as a bug because it might be my issue.

The Microsoft Edge browser will not start when run fully virtualised in the sandbox. I see the Edge window open with the blue e but then it closes almost immediately. I’m running Windows 10 Home 64-bit and CIS 10. I don’t use Edge really so it’s not much of an issue for me but I wondered whether it was a known problem or just me, and if it is me what do you suggest I check?

Yep seems like it can’t run in the sandbox though I wonder if it ever did? Hence why its not listed in the widget.

But it is listed in the Web Browsers file group - which is what I have in the sandbox list as fully virtualised.

Did you check HIPS logs?

Some applications close by itself when sandboxed due to insufficient keyboard access rights with CIS10. Sounds like a similar case from your description.

Unlikely the cause as trying to sandbox edge with CIS 8.4 also makes edge crash and non of the crash dumps point to anything related to comodo. When a rule to only sandbox microsoftedgecp.exe it loads then crashes and the faulting module is iertutil.dll

Thanks, futuretech. I guess you are right as it would be a handled case, not a crash. Did you check if you are able to run Metro Apps in Sandbox? It could be related if it’s not possible.

Just tried sandboxing windows calculator and yep it crashes I guess metro apps are not supported in the sandbox.

Many thanks for the help, it seems not to be an issue with my setup then. That’s all I was really concerned about. :slight_smile:

metro apps on windows 10 run in appcontainer, which is a semi-sandboxed environment.
So there is much less need to sandbox those apps, but on the other hand, it is much harder to sandbox them.