Ebay and SSL

I posted this in Opera’s forum, but perhaps I might get an answer here as it’s more specialised:

Ebay difficult in Firefox - more so in Opera
Although I’ve managed to sign in to ebay in Opera 12.15 occasionally, it is rare that I can and often, when changing pages, it wants me to sign in again but I can’t (ID or p/w incorrect)
Tried in Firefox and just clicking on ‘sign in’ gave an error message:

“An error occurred during a connection to signin.ebay.co.uk.
Peer attempted old style (potentially vulnerable) handshake.
(Error code: ssl_error_unsafe_negotiation)”

If, in FF’s Options, I untick:

“Require safe SSL negotiation”

I can then proceed and subsequent pages, including Basket and Buy Now are OK.
There’s some information on the subject here:

It’s a fault of servers since 2009 apparently.

Now, I’m able to use FF but I’d prefer to use Opera, so is there some sort of setting in Opera that I could change so that ebay is accessible?
I realise the risk, so I’d try to make a button or shortcut key(s) for it.