EasyVPN to baypass firwall anc cant be read from sniffer

hi all,
I woudl like to know if is possible tu use EasyVPN in company office to bypass firewall and corporate sniffer.
I want to use MSN live messenger but I dont wnat them can read my chat with theire sniffer.
It is possible?
Thank you in advance

Hi Alberto,

Given that you want to do “stuff” on a corporate network, I can only direct you to ask your network adminstrators. It is your employers network and they have the right to determine what and cannot be run over it.

If the network admins are actively using a sniffer, then maybe, just maybe, they don’t want employees using things like MSN Messenger on a corporate LAN. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Pidgin + OTR = bye-bye sniffing.

But as panic says maybe your corporate network admins don’t want you to chat during program so you’ll do more harm than good encrypting your conversation. :slight_smile:

Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t be giving out any hints AT ALL on how to bypass corporate LAN security. If they are smart enough, they’ll nut it out on their own. If they’re not, they won’t.

Advice on how to breach pre-determined corporate security policies should not be given on any security related forum, particularly this one. >:(

OK, sorry, please delete my above post.

No need to apologize - we live, we learn. :smiley:

First of all thank you for all answer,
but I have to explai better.

the problem is not to bypass roules, but some people that
have access to the network are playing to be young-hacker just for fun.
Becouse I suspect it I woudl like to be safe on my personal
stuff, this mean protection on personal data like password.

EasyVPN can eave do that? Can it let me use all internet port forwarding data tought my
home network to avoid those stupid guy?

Thank you