EasyVPN Portable version


I want create the Portable version of EasyVPN for using it from flash drive without native installation.

Can you answer on the following questions:

  • Where EasyVPN stores all settings?
  • How to install Comodo VPN Virtual Ethernet Adapter manually from command line?

Thank you,

I am also interested in this. Network drivers can be installed on startup and uninstalled when closed. This shouldn’t be a big deal. It is just a matter of getting the right files loaded (inf, sys, etc).

i’d like 2 know it 2!

or maybe there is the way to have an online easy-vpn version?

well, it’s not big deal how, but there is the situation that i have no admin privileges to install easy-vpn on pc, and can only read (not write) from usb flash? (i can create portable apps on another pc) but i need an accsess to my home desktop through the vpn.

any ideas?

well it look’s like during the instalation, evpn keep’s he’s file’s in *.msi archive. and what u need to get, it’s from this file’s specific file’s for network driver & stuff like that

and where is the evpn configuration stuff ? use windows search :wink:

C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\aplication data\COMODO\EasyVPN

and no. if u dont have admin wright on pc, i think it’s imposible to run it/add network connection/use it