EasyVPN on the Web

Hello, I have a website and I use the EasyVPN software so my clients can connect to my website. This is because if I don’t my website takes 7 minutes to load from my Public IP address but when I have the EasyVPN loading my website it only takes a couple seconds. I was wandering if there is a way that I can my my Comodo EasyVPN IP address public. I want my clients to be able to access my website without having to download software. Is there a feature that can already do this? It would even be alright with me when they type in what they have to type in for the address bar it asks them for a username and password. I just want all of my clients to be able to enjoy my website without having to download software. I love this software and it has so many great qualities but some clients just won’t download it to their computer. If you have any comments or suggestions please post them here.

Thanks in advance!!!

This looks like an issue with the traffic path from your internet connection to your web server.
Can you tell us a bit more about your network setup ? what web server are your using ?
How is your router setup to allow incoming traffic to TCP port 80 ?

Is that website supposed to be accessible for all of the internet ?