EasyVPN and Sprint Smart View

I use EasyVPN to network with many friends and use that network to play games, transfer files and messaging. I have found that EasyVPN is a very powerful networking tool. I have also downloaded and installed EasyVPN on my laptop. My laptop runs Vista 32 bit. My problem is that EasyVPN will be running alongside my Sprint Smart View manager ( it is my mobile broadband connection manger ). Smart View does have a new feature to allow VPN connections. I have set it to allow 3rd party VPN and have EasyVPN’s exe designated as my VPN client but I am not allowed to join my established network, register a new account nor am I able to reset a password. From what I understand, EasyVPN connects to a server. If the EasyVPN server goes down how will EasyVPN users be notified? Or will be all just not be allowed to connect until the server is back online again?

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the mainserver works (but it’s only my opinion) only to make a first contact. just to see, is the peer can connect withoun any trouble & stuff like that … what i want to say it’s simple, just like in hamachi, it’s check, can u connect. do u have fully connection. is there is some problems (like unable to make secure connection/n vpn connection/otthers) and after that, when the server is sure all works fine, it’s sending a message to other ppl’s in you network with all information he can get.

but yes, if the main server is off, u cannot connect to other’s … it’s not wippien :frowning:

but it’s only what i think and this does not need to be wright ;]


Can you explain to me HOW you play games via easy vpn? I would like to learn how to do that

I know I have been away for a long time , sorry for not being able to answer sooner. Some Multiplayer PC games have an option to connect either via the Internet or via LAN
Once you are logged on Easy VPN and all in your network have a direct connect to each other, start up a game and select to join the game on LAN. One person shall start the game ( he is the host ) and the rest will join ( they are clients ) and that’s it. :o