Anyone ever tried this rather odd (or, let’s say ugly) looking suite?


I don’t like the thought of it being depending on MS .NET Framework 2.0.

Furthermore, the author recommends to uninstall any formerly used AV…

Interestingly, though, the reactions on many sites are not that bad.

I never met anybody who gave this one a try, so, what do you think?

Well, having read the Features and some of the FAQs, it looks good (doesn’t like Toolbars; has an icon that indicates its state - tee-hee!); seems to work primarily on prevention and warning (door and burglar alarm - tee-hee again).

I worry a bit about these new apps. coming along; there are so many from China - about as reassuring as a Nigerian bank.

I like the way that it gives a lot of information (even better if it’s in a comprehensible format) and can be set to stop any installations.

As for trying it, well, that’d mean removing CFP and, worse, disabling Avast. I’d need a lot of persuasion from trusted forums with competent testers before I’d go that far. It’d be better if it would run alongside an AV programme.

Here’s some screenshots:

The text to the left looks like WordArt
But you should judge the software from its features, not its graphical look. I won’t try it tho, as I’m comfort with CFP 3 and CMF.


That is the problem with security apps. - just trying a new one is a lot of work and can be worse than present setup.

Any one with a ‘spare’ machine on which to try this?