Easy way to control outgoing connections?


I recently switched from McAfee to comodo, because the free trail ended. Comodo was called the best firewall by most reviews on the internet, so I chose this on. Still, I have some problems. McAfee automatically generated a list with all programs on my laptop, and you could choose if those programs could make an internet connection, in or out in that list. If a new program was installed, first time I would run it, it also asked if it could make a connection. Comodo doesn’t do anything of this kind, and that’s quite annoying. There are a lot of programs that, in my opinion, should not have connection to the internet (like nero, other programs I have installed…) even more, only updaters, mail-clients and browsers should have access!
How can I configure Comodo in such a way that, whenever I run an application, even those that are already installed on my pc prior to the installation of Comodo, I receive a question if that program may connect to the internet (if it tries to connect ofcourse)? Is it possible to generate a list of all programs that are on my pc, without browsing for everything?

Thanks in advance

Nero is suppose to connect to the internet to check for updates. Most software does. You can try putting the firewall and D+ in training mode for a couple of days then switch back to safe mode.

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You can put Comodo Firewall Security Level in “Custom Mode” and it is also worth changing Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behaviour Settings/Alert Settings to “High”.
If you use the settings any application which doesn`t have a rule for it in “Application Rules” will generate a Firewall alert.You can then choose what you would like to do and also choose if the application will be added to your “Network Security Policy” by ticking(or not) “Remember my Answer”


ps To review the applications allready given rules look under Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy