Easy VPN . . ?

I got Easy VPN and am trying it cause it said it would do alot more then I am able to do with it so far. As of now it is nothing more then a chat program and a remote program.
The ad I saw said you could host games with it and real VPN stuff like that.
If you have to “accept” or “Deny” permission then it is not a real VPN.
Would some one care to explain?


Are you trying to run games from a remote computer over Remote Desktop?

What they mean is, you can play a LAN game with any one that has eVPN installed and is in your Networks list.

Yea I guess that is what I am wanting to do is run a LAN game on a machine and have friends be able to login to the Network and be able to play.

That is what I thought you could with this program.


It can do that, your friends need to have eVPN running also, Make sure to create a eVPN network and add all your friends… Then it should work fine.

I’ve tried this also and so far, nobody has even been able to see a game, regardless of who is hosting. Hamachi has worked without any configuration, but I wanted to see what EasyVPN could do.

See if you can select what IP the game uses, if you cant chances are it wont work.

Not with this particular game, although I found a utility called ForceBindIP that’s supposed to allow forcing the address. You think this should work? I’ve not had the chance to test it.

Secondly, Hamachi seems to work with the same game. The game is Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

Nexus Reborn Forums

it may work.

Do you think it’d be necessary for all clients to do this or only the server?

Probably everyone will have to do that.

how about that ?

and u can try this out


The first link is from my forums, actually my post. What was your point? :slight_smile: