Easy VPN stops working when PC is logged ou


I am currently reviewing and testing the easyVPN product. One issue I have is that if a PC is logged out, then I can connect to it from another PC on the VPN. Is there any setup that allows this


Hi Dil999,

EasyVPN currently is a user-based desktop application and closes the same way any other desktop application closes just like the way that you are logged out of MSN when you logout of your PC.

We are however in future versions we are going to add features to setup EasyVPN to be a service that will be running even if you are not logged in.


Is this now done?

It looks like this is still an outstanding addition. Just recently installed v1.7 to try this product out… very cool… I like what I see… but running as a service is a must for me.

Out of curiosity, if the “remote” system was freshly booted, and also had Comodo firewall installed… what’s the state of the firewall at that time? Is it fully running? or would it stand in the way of letting the communicaiton hit the service (once service mode exists)? Things that make you go… hmmm…


:frowning: This is a dealbreaker for me as well. I absolutely MUST have VPN on the server running as a service, so I need some way of doing this. I have been waiting 18 months for this to come through, but nothing yet.

You could try one of the service wrappers like FireDemon or NSSM, which allow you to run the application as a service, but you still need to pass the login ID and password parameters. How you do that I do not know…

Until then there is really only Hamachi, which just works.