Easy VPN not working

i am trying to use my easy vpn at work and it is not working. Either the servers are down or the mcafee webshield is blocking it. If mcafee is blocking it can comodo contact them and tell them to stop blocking the service? Also, can someone check to see if vpn is working for them?

the error I get is “unable to connect to the network”.

Working fine here, after a few attempts trying to remember the password.


works fine here.

if comodo start up and u r able to log in, service work’s fine. it’s what after u log in - mediation server. so in my opinion it’s mcafee.

it is weird I can vpn in from my desktop but when I try to do it from my phone it does not work.

have u try to add as trusted, network made by or from r phone ?

The weird thing is that it used to work fine and now they must have changed something and it does not work anymore. My wifi talk does not work at all they must have closed all of the ports. either that or the usb router I am using is broken and gone bad. I will take the computer home and plug it into my network, if all works there then I know it is a network issues and they have done something.

uninstal mcafee ( never like it ;p ). reboot and see how it’s work. iff it works ;]

not sure you can complain on not working router

they are using the mcafee gateway there is nothing to uninstall. It is part of the network and it’s a pain in my ■■■■.

there is no way to bypass this gateway ?

and have u try to create new network and if it’s possible ( creation ) does it works ?

well it is not working from home either, it used to work and now nothing. I only get an error that says “server hung up. User name or password incorrect.” But it is not, this is running it from my andorid phone.

the other error I get is “unable to connect to network”. I need someone from comodo to contact me this is getting annoying fast.

Working from Down Under OK.

Ewen :slight_smile:

it works if I try to log in from my computer but if I use the wifi to try to log in from my phone it does not work. It used to work just fine and now nothing. Something must be happening on the servers to keep me from being able to log in from my phone.

how about phone ? any udates ?

I found the issue and it is that for some reason my work is now blocking the ports needed to VPN.

suggestion for comodo, maybe you can have trust connect be customizable as to what ports it uses and also have it be able to do split tunneling. These two things are needed for advanced users.