easy VPN and Windows 7

I have Windows 7 and I installed Comodo EasyVPN. But I have a problem. I can´t connect to my friend. I turn on a easyvpn, but transmit and receive packets are 0. In my friends are icon green and the sign “Connecting”. Firewalls are disabled. Where is the problem?

what firewall’s are u using ? coz they can run as a system process. so better way to make sure they are not blocking, it’s to uninstall it. only for time, when u are testing evpn

another thing is … go to controll panel ->network& sharing center. right click on evpn connection and choose ‘set as a private network’

after u made this change, reboot pc and try it now

Ok, thanks. Probleam was with ESET/NOD32 internet security. VPN doesnt work with close aplication. I installed new antivir software and its ok ;D

when u are instaling eset i security, use advanced instalation. so u can choose hot to eset will work - creating a rule’s for connection :wink: