Easy install

I know you receive a lot of complaints about this product.
I just want to offer a positive.
The install experience for me was like seamless. No problems. I anticipated the issue with AVG, got the fix from FAQ’s, used it - works perfectly.

Thanks for a great product and a really useful forum.

Thanks for the feedback, Russ, and if no one has said so, welcome to the forums! (:WAV)

I’m glad you have found the info here to be helpful, and have made good use of it. Keep your eye on CPF ~ it’s getting better every day, and v 2.4 should be released very soon.

I know that Melih and the Comodo crowd appreciate the positive feedback; it’s always nice to get an “Attaboy!” :wink:


Welcome to the Comodo-family Russ :slight_smile: