Easy Desk Utilities Key.dll

False Positive for Key.dll
ApplicUnsaf.Win32.PSWTool.RAS.A[ at ]156711

Hello Dennis,

The file in question is currently detected under “Unsafe application” category which means that the file could be used for malicious purposes.

This file key.dll can be used to reveal the product key for the current windows installation on a computer. Although the application by itself does not pose a direct threat, the application can be used by a malicious user to steal the product key from a computer.

Therefore, this file is detected as a potentially dangerous application, so as to inform the users about its presence on their computer and safe guard them from losing sensitive information on the event that the application has been installed without their consent.

If you had installed this application and want to use it, you can add the application to the exclusion list which is available in CIS through AntiVirus->Scanner Settings->Exclusion List.


Thank you for replying and explaining why it is detected as the Product checks Windows Files I presume this is why it needs it I will try to delete.
I have placed it in the exclusion list but does not seem to be working at the moment, reported in bug list.
Thank you again.