Easy CD-DA Extractor won't launch on Windows 7 Ultimate

I have “Easy CD-DA Extractor 2010 Ultimate” and it won’t launch at ALL after I installed the new Comodo Internet Security Premium.
I’ve tried uninstalling the Comodo program and then it works fine.

Anyone have this problem and found a solution?



Dit you get a alert that this applications was blocked or sandboxed? Can you check if this application ist in the “My pending files”? If it is, you can try to move it to the “My own safe files” and try again.


It’s already listed under “my own safe files” and it’s only on windows 7 the problem accours. On XP SP2 it works fine.

I’m running out of ideas.

You can try this to: go to the Computer Security Policy (Defense + > Advanced), find and mark this application and then “Remove” (this will delete all the rules from Defense +). Now you can run again this application and pay attentions to the alerts (new rules will be created). Maybe this will help you if this application is blocked by Comodo.