Easy CD-DA Extractor crashes


After a long time using something else I’m back at CIS and after install I ran into a problem.
I use ECDDAE to convert my CD’s into FLAC, MP3 etc. after installing CIS I could not open the program anymore, it crashes with this error:

Gebeurtenisnaam van probleem: APPCRASH Naam van de toepassing: ezcddax.exe Versie van toepassing: Tijdstempel van toepassing: 00000000 Naam van foutmodule: ezcddax.exe Versie van foutmodule: Tijdstempel van foutmodule: 00000000 Uitzonderingscode: c0000005 Uitzonderingsmarge: 00514b0f Versie van besturingssysteem: 6.0.6002. Landinstelling-id: 1043 Aanvullende informatie 1: e470 Aanvullende informatie 2: 8a891d7eed120d8c56ff29011737fbd0 Aanvullende informatie 3: 4966 Aanvullende informatie 4: 727a659f275430170f42e93e591ff6a3

If I turn D+ off, it starts fine. I added ezcddax.exe as trusted application but it still crashes.
What can I do to make this work (except for turning D+ off).

Goedenavond… welkom…

Can you show us a screenshot of the Defense + logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts.


I don’t think the screenshots are of much use. They don’t show anything from ECDDAE, only (Logitech) Setpoint is mentioned.

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I will move this to the bugs boards so the devs can take notice of it.


Try to set D+ to Training mode and then start Easy CD-DA.
If it still does not work properly try to untick everything under Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings/Monitor settings, then untick “detect shellcode injections” under Defense+/Advanced/Image Execution settings, set D+ to safe mode and start Easy CD-DA. If it runs fine chances are there is a workaround without disabling D+.

Ok thanks :smiley:

I will try your tip and report back.

Ok I found out it has to do with the Image Execution Control.
If I switch “detect shellcode injection” off, ECDDAE starts. Otherwise it crashes.

I strongly urge you to add the cdda extractor executable to the shellcode injection exclusions. This way you won’t sacrifice the overall protection.

Done. ECDDAE starts fine now.

Thanks for the help :smiley: