Easier program installation [Resolved]

Hi - my first contribution in this forum (in English as I’m Danish on a Swedish site) (:WIN).
How do I allow the installation of a new program without having to allow each and every request?
I’ve just spent an hour installing a tv program PPMate and it’s been so-o-o tedious.
And I’m not excited about doing it this way again…

Welcome to the forum direct93 :slight_smile:
I presume you are asking about CPF3 or CIS.
There are different ways I will explain mine
On the first alert for the program installer I chose treat as installer you will then get a alert asking if you wish to change to Installation Mode click Yes.
If you get any futher alerts during the install do the same as the first.
Screenshot below of alert.
EDIT Could you please post which one it is CPF3 or CIS

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I suppose you’re annoyed by the pop-ups from Defense+? Before you install a new application, you’ll need to switch to Installation Mode. Open CIS/CFP and look for this icon and click it:


Now launch the application you want to install and allow explorer.exe to execute it. When you get an alert from from Defense+, select Treat this application as Installer or Updater.


EDIT: Curse you Dennis :slight_smile:

Just to add to Dennis and Ragwings explanation make sure "Remember my answer" isnt ticked

Um why? I do that, I guess I might be doing something wrong…

It is so you do not have a lot of installer processes in Defence+ which you most probably will never use again.

Thx guys - I’ve memorized your advice and can’t wait to install the next program :■■■■ (a Carlsberg celebration!)

As the problem is solved, I’ll go ahead and close this topic. If you should want it re-opened, PM an online moderator.