Easier offline update

Sorry if I make same or double topic.

I know that first time of Comodo update after install the AV Databse file are very big upto 8x MB.
So It quite be a problem with slow internet users. (Especially ISP that bandwidth limit for other country access.)

That’s we can download CAVVDB on this page But to install It should boot into safe mode to install database. maybe it’s not suitable for all users.

I wish offline DB should be easier to install.

For example Avira can use it’s own program to select the update file easily.
Or Kaspersky that can select source to folder contain update file.

Please consider about this suggestion.

Nice suggestion, wonder what would be the reason for such a non user-friendly way
Pretty much every AV out there allows offline DB update with only “one mouse click”!

Highly required, my votes too…

An easier way of offline updating directly from Comodo Main Interface would be highly appreciated.



i wan it not only manual in that way
i wan also the setup file (cispremium_installer_x64.exe) to take the base.cav in the same folder than the setup file to auto install it updated

I agree with you at 100%. I should file the signatures would have been smaller.

I also vote in favor of this suggestion.

Having to boot into safe mode just to manually update the database is way too cumbersome to do on a regular basis and not at all on the same level of the user-friendly CIS package.

Please make manual updates from a live system possible.

I really like how you can distribute updates via folder shares with Kaspersky because the main application is able to create an extra copy just for update distribution without having to install some huge corporate server like the Comodo offline updater.

Is there any progress in this direction, Can we expect it in the coming versions? Does any body have an idea?

Are we going to have straight forward and easy offline updates atleast in coming versions???
Is any body looking at us???


??? I still can believe that this function is not yet available… I have friends that like the AV but don’t have a live Internet connection 100% of the time and it bothers them to have to move the PC (desktop I might add) to a friends Internet connection so they can update and then their friend asking “You’re downloading how many megs!?” :cry:

This is implemented starting from CIS v6.

About–>Import Virus Database.

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