Earthlink conflicts

I was very interested in using the firewall and intivirus programs. After downloading, I tried to check my Earthlink mailbox and it froze at 99% checked. After contacting Earthlink, they told me your software was incompatiple with theirs (also, the virus software detected various trojans in their toolbar). Please explain why this is happening and if you are working with Earthlink to resolve these problems. I really would like to use your software, but can not.

Do you mean Earthlink the ISP? They said CAVS was incompatible with Earthlink email? I assume we are talking about POP/SMTP email here.

Also I noticed that Earthlink provides free Firewall, Anti-Virus & Spyware blocker. Is this free software on your system or do Earthlink provide this from their side (server side)?

Yes, I did mean (my ISP). And yes, they told me that their TotalAccess Mailbox conflicted with your software. It would download e-mails up to 99% and then freeze up. Also, their Fastlane program registered as a trojan with Comodo. Earthlink does offer free firewall, anti-virus and Spamblocker. They show up in Windows Security Center as Authentium. I do not like their firewall program because when it asks for permission, it only shows an IP address. I prefer a more detailed explaination (exactly what program needs access, like you get in Zone Alarm). I am currently using Kerio and like it, but it still has some bugs in it. I will soon have to change (trial period almost over). I loathe ZA due to system hog. If Comodo was compatible with Earthlink, I would prefer it!

Wow, OK. I’m startled. But, CAVS doesn’t “do” anything with the email client’s to server communications. It watches & inserts if required (the email scan sig thingy). But, that’s it. POP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3S or SMTPS… CRAM-D5 SMTP AUTH… ESMTP… CAVS doesn’t know anything about that stuff & it certainly doesn’t meddle with it (does it Comodo? No, I don’t work for Comodo). CAVS just doesn’t, or shouldn’t, care anything about the email client to email server protocol. As far as Earthlink could tell (if they bothered to look, and you let them!) CAVS just isn’t there.

Assuming Melih (the CEO… he lurks on these forums) doesn’t see this. Then I think you should go to Comomodo Support. You’ll need register (sorry about that). Then create a support call & this will get you a ticket number. I’m sure they’ll investigate this pronto, unless Melih beats them to it.

PS If you do create ticket, Support will probably start talking to you by email. So, please remember to post any updates. :slight_smile:

Budzoid, I am sorry. The above rant was completely in error. You are correct… Earthlink does not work with CAVS… on purpose!

Without CAVS running…

[RAW] CONNECTED TO +OK NGPopper vEL_6_10_5_1 at ready <9080.1160096475 [ at ]>[13][10]
A weird little extra bit that my email client (if I had been running it) would have ignored. But, he said +OK, & that is the valid response from a POP server.

Now with CAVS…

[RAW] CONNECTED TO +OK Comodo Email POP3 Proxy Server[13][10]
..nothing ..silence until timeout. They read the CAVS (courteous) +OK banner & decided not to respond.

Wow. :o

EDIT: Or it could be the IP address or the Ports?

So I guess that leaves me s**t out of luck?

you should get in touch with earthlink and ask why pls.


I am also having weird problems with accessing my Earthlink online mailbox. At first I thought it was a Firefox problem, but after some experimentation, I discovered that if I adjusted the Comodo security level to allow all, the problem went away. Problem at login screen. After putting in ID and password and hitting enter, the screen starts to refresh and stays blank. This also happens when trying to do searches on Vivisimo. After typing in search and hitting enter, the screen starts to refresh but remains blank. If I adjust Comodo to allow all and refresh, it processes just fine. Maybe it is some setting that needs changing? Can anyone help? THanks


You’ve got me. I just tried both and (both use the vivisimo clustering engine) and search results were fine. I’m running CPF2.3.6.81 and CAVS

Both of these are just using TCP port 80 for inbound requests, so if normal browsing works, then so should these search engines. Can you please post a screen shot of your network rules so we can double check them.

I think the problem with earthlinks email is in how the CAVS proxy is passing the authentication string. There is a posting a little further above that shows the authentication data both with and without CAVS enabled, and the string is truncated when CAVS is enabled.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I finally went to the “Define a new trusted Application” wizard and set up Firefox and haven’t had any connection problems since. Don’t know why because Firefox already seemed to be on the safe list. But whatever works is fine by me. Thanks for the help.


Sorry all. This is a CAVS issue, not a CPF issue. I should have moved the topic really.

Kishor (CAVS Dev Leader) is looking into this.

Hello again, I e-mailed Earthlink about conflicts with Comodo. They replied that I must be low on system resources and then went into great detail about clearing temp. files, disabling desktop themes and using msconfig to stop all unwated programs from loading at start-up. My C drive shows 12.6 GB used and 56.8 GB free space. I don’t have a problem with resources. It sounds like they are trying to put the blame on my computer instead of their software.

I chatted with an Earthlink rep. and they said that Comodo does not conflict with their software anymore. This may seem crazy, but when I tried to download both Comodo AV and Firewall, I now receive an error message and it will NOT let me download anything from Comodo. This is very frustrating because I would love to use your products! Anybody else have this problem? (:AGY)

Wow. You should go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this.