early load

you should create an early load feature for cis 4.0.
that is so you can stop malware from loading. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: 88) O0


CIS starts up as the first program in Windows, so you should be fine against all threaths, from startup to shutdown.

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The previous install of CIS which was v3.10.102363.531 gave an option to start as first program or some other place in a startup position, the copy I just download and installed did not give any option in that regard. Is that NOT given as an option any longer? Is it actually being installed as early as possible? One last question is, “why is Wndows Defender listing Comodo as “Not yet Classified” and blocking the SysTray Icon, which prevents any of the valuable PopUps from CIS warning us of any activity and needing allow or block decision?”

That has been a problem I have been chasing for many months and would like to solve it.

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I guess you would need to notify the Microsoft Defender community about the detection of CIS.

This may be a tiny bit off topic, but if anyone feels like filling me in on this, I’d appreciate it. I’m just curious how a program gets specified as being “first to load” (or how the load order in general is established). I wouldn’t be too surprised if there were more than one method to do this, just wondering.

I assume that most antivirus programs want to be first, and there may be other types that want to be “first” as well. How are those conflicts resloved?

Anyone feel like educating me a bit on that? My curious mind would appreciate it muchly…


Early load = Don’t all reputable Av’s do this anyway? :stuck_out_tongue: I think that it’s a marketing thing to advertise it.

[at]Ralc thats why usually it’s recommended not to use two or more overlapping programsm, Other wise there may be conflicts.

Anyone feel like educating me a bit on that? My curious mind would appreciate it muchly...

These should help explain: