E3 08

Anybody watch the E3 coverage on G4 TV? Last night there was a Microsoft Spotlight all on the 360 and changes to Live. Its gonna be awesome. You can now download movies from Netflicks. All new Live interface is coming in Nov. So when you turn your 360 on its gonna look all new. I just downloaded Too Human. Awesome RPG.

So nobody is paying attention to E3 08. Come on. Gaming is now the #1 source of entertainment. 48 Billion Dollars spent on games which is twice as much money spent on going to the movies,renting movies and music cd’s combined.

I’m into gaming, but only the good RPGs on the PC. :smiley: I am so waiting for Dragon Age by Bioware. That will be sweet. My favorite RPGs right now are Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Neverwinter Nights 2 (but not that into NWN2). I am very critical of games. The FPS are just the same formula over and over. Back when Doom and Wolfensten 3D came out, they were new and great, but they haven’t changed in the past 20 years, just better graphics, so they bore me. RPGs at least offer great story lines, customizable characters, and multiple story paths. :slight_smile:

You need to get a 360. Your losing out on a whole new World. Halo 3. GTA IV. UT3. Rainbow 6 Vegas and so many more.

I play runescape… lol

Thats not a game. Thats like playing Donkey Kong. LOL.

I remember playing Runescape few years ago… I was even a Member.

It is really out of date now IMO…

You should check it out now… alot of new updates etc… The graphics are amazing now for a webbased game… You could compare them to WOW now, it’s full screen etc. I am a member right now lol. I’m lvl 122 - Wiz Kyle

I’m level 8 (Noob).

My Graphics don’t support the new one anymore :frowning:

ah a 360, thats enticing, well i’m pretty much broke after upgrading my PC, my biggest reason for purchasin a 360 would be halo 3 (:LOV) … caught a few glimpses of e3 08 at gamespot.com, coudlnt see much though, lukin forward to Project Origin having played FEAR recently…

I was a hardcore pc gamer but ever since my 360 not anymore. Upgrading your graphics card every year just to play the latest games was getting too costly. Then downloading and installing new drivers every 2 weeks or so just to get better FPS was getting tiresome. Then last but not least installing and patching. You buy a pc game take it home spend 20 minutes installing it then another 10 patching it. Blah. I bought UT3 and within 2 minutes was fragging on XBOX Live. The only real thing I play on my pc now is WOW and Trackmania Nations Forever. And also the Orange Box.