e-mailing replies

I have tried a few different items in my profile to get replies to be e-mailed to me, but I guess I don’t know the combination. Will someone please tell me what I have to check off to make it work? Thanks in advance! (:NRD)

In your Profile, here (this link will work for you alone).

Kail - That’s the setting I had it on, and I didn’t get your reply, I had to check the forum for your answer.

Have you ever had reply notification? Perhaps they are trapped in a spam filter?

Kail - No I have never been able to get an e-mail from the forum since I registered. I am registered in a number of other forums, and I get responses from them all. The only spam filter I have is in Outlook, as far as I know.

Could the fact that I use Firefox as a rule have anything to do with it? I am sending this particular reply in IE and I just realized that the smily faces above are animated. They’re not in FF.

This is from RR’s site…

Road Runner is committed to making your Internet experience fast, fun and as safe as possible. We assist with Virus and Spam protection through the use of some of the most powerful and effective anti-virus and spam blocking technologies available today.

So, according to RR they do have Spam protection. I think you’d better check your RR webmail & see what settings are there.

Kail - RoadRunner has a spam blocker available for download if you want it. I haven’t used it. The only Spamblocker I used was with ZoneAlarm Security Suite which I checked almost daily. I uninstalled that to install Comodo. I think it must be something else, but I can’t imagine what. As I said, I frequent a number of forums and all their e-mail notifications work fine. I’m sorry this is making us scratch our heads.

Hmm… the only thing I can suggest is to switch the email option off, leave the page. Return & switch it back on again. And then see if it works. Yea… I know… real poor. {aka scraping the bottom of the barrel}

{the bottom of the barrel} :wink:
Failing that you’ll need to visit Comodo Support & register on their system. Then Submit a Ticket on this issue (which you can track on-line). They’ll sort the problem out for you.

Kail - Thanks for trying to help. I’ll try your suggestion. If I’m successful, I’ll let you know what worked. :slight_smile: