E-mailing credit card details?

I would like to order online from a shop, but their secure connection doesn’t work. Instead they offer me to order via e-mail and they suggest that I send the credit card details in two e-mails.

Even if I send the number in one e-mail, the CVV in a second one, and the expiring date in a third e-mail: I feel very uncomfortable sending my details in this way. What do you, the experts, say? I guess I should refuse such a deal?

They also offer to call me via phone instead. I guess that’s more secure, but it can be a bit inconvenient for me due to day-time activities. Also, I don’t know how well they speak English.


Hey Leoni,

Why doesn’t their secure connection work? I don’t know what you are ordering, but is it that great of an item that you just HAVE to get it from this place? Does anyone else offer the same product?
It smells a little fishy to me. :P0l


I looked up some reviews of the company and it looks fine, they’ve been around for several years. I’ve also seen their website for some years now, although never ordered before. There are others who offer more or less exactly the same, but one is significantly more expensive, and one doesn’t answer my product questions…

I decided to go for the phone call option. They were very fast to confirm my order and call me, so it looks fine this far. In the end, any seller who requests credit card details, how can you know that they won’t store the details? You can’t! I have to trust them, else I can’t order. It’s the same when you call some B&B in England to make a reservation of a room, you don’t know who you’re really calling… unless you’ve seen some review.

The only option where the seller for sure won’t store my credit card details would be using PayPal, but not all sellers use PayPal yet.

It’s not the most comfortable deal I’ve done, far from it, but according to reviews and years of website observations I felt enough confident to place an order.

The company in question charged me as agreed and delivered my items as agreed, very fine items!!! :slight_smile:

I haven’t mentioned the company yet in this thread, but here we go: http://steelform.com/

Glad it all turned out okay for you in the end, and the phone was the safest option you could use given the situation. Just a bit confused as to why they/you had a problem with the SSL. Maybe you could send them to Comodo for SSL services :-La

Worst come to worst when using phone, call your Credit Card company, as there is a degree of protection anyway when using it for such Transcations. Chargeback etc if extra money taken without consent…blah blah blah…

oO(spell checker sighs got a little way to go…)Oo >:-D

Thx :slight_smile:

Excellent suggestion, of course I should point them to Comodo SSL!