E-mail Certification

I installed the full Comodo product suite last week. I am very happy with it so far. However, the CAV certification of incoming and outgoing e-mails does not seem to be working. I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition and my e-mail client is MS Outlook 2003. I turned on the e-mail scanner feature and the certify as “Scanned and Virus Free” with the e-mail signature, but neither my incoming nor my outgoing e-mails include the certification text. I looked over the rest of the topics in this forum, but I don’t see anything related to this subject. Anyone else having this problem? Is there something special I need to do to get this feature to work?



I’ve not personally tried CAVS yet. But, based on how other AVs behave… are you sure CAVS did not add records to the email header?

I think it add an attatchment text file; not to the body of the e-mail.

As of V1.1, the certifications were added to the body of the email, so users could better determine what emails had an attachement that sourced from the email originator, rather than being added by CAVS.

Other than making sure the certification is on AND email scanning is activated, there is (should be :slight_smile: nothing else you need to do.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I discovered (by looking at some other forum posts) that CAVS and Comodo AntiSpam are not compatible. Since I had installed AntiSpam after CAVS, it took precedence. Not only was I not getting e-mail certifications, I was not getting e-mail scanning. After I removed Comodo AntiSpam from my system, everything worked just fine.