e-mail adress turn off [Resolved]

Members list views my e-mail address.

I don´t find how i can it turn off.

Could you help me?




Click Profile at the top of the forums. Now in the left menu, choose Account Related Settings. Under your E-mail, check the box next to Hide email address from public?, and it won’t be shown to others. Admins (and moderators I think) will still be able to view it.


At first i can´t solve my problem because i had hidden my e-mail address. But i saw my e-mail address in members list.

Now i registered with andreas02 and i see that my e-mail-address is hidden correctly.

The solution: When a user has hidden the e-mail-address the same user can see the e-mail-address in members list but another user can´t see the e-mail-address. Maybe it is logical.

Thanks and All right!

Now i am delete my second registered name Andreas02.


Great that you solved the problem!
Closing this now, PM me or another moderator with a link to this topic if you want it opened again.